Submitting Tickets to the NOVOTECH Customer Support Center

Procedure Summary:How to submit Support requests into the NOVOTECH Customer Support Center
To create a Support Request with Novo, you can either send us an email or create a Ticket directly on our Support Site.

To Submit a Request Via Email

  • Send an email from a registered email address to
  • Be sure to use the address we used to send your Welcome to Novo Solutions! email.

To Submit a Request Via the Support Site

  1. Browse to and Login with the credentials we sent to you in your Welcome email

  2. Click Requests

  3. Click the Add a Request button.

  4. Supply the necessary information.

  5. Click Send (or click Send and Attach if you want to send us pictures or files)

  6. NOVO TECH will send a confirmation email notifying you of our receipt of your Request; we will respond as quickly as possible

  7. To the left of the request in the queue, you will see these three icons:    From left to right, they are:

    View the Request

    Upload a file to the Request

    Add a Note to the Request

  8. To close a Request:

    • Click the Notes icon 
    • Please provide a note letting us know your status
    • Check Close then Save
Related Information:If you need assistance gaining access to your account, please call the NOVOTECH Support Team at 1 (888) 316-4559 or send an email to