How to Obtain and Apply a Novo Software License


  • Version 4.3 or later 

Obtaining a license from Novo Solutions

Periodically, you may need to change your IP Address. Or, if you are a new or Annual Subscription customer, your license will need to be extended once payment and Web Server IP Address information is received.

In these cases you will need to contact Novo Solutions to reconfigure your license.

Once you receive notification that your license has been updated, see the steps below to validate the license.
To Validate Your License:
License validation is performed using the Novo Configuration Tool.
  1. Open the Novo Configuration Tool from the Start menu under Program\Novo Solutions Inc

  2. Select Validate under the License menu

      If the following error message is received, please ensure the licence key was entered correctly and internet access is available. If error persists please contact Customer Support.

The new license will take affect right away.

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